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Our entrepreneurial spirit inspires the creative solutions we provide to our business partners and their employees. Unlike other Professional Employer Organizations, we believe in actually doing the work as your HR department instead of pushing work back to you gives you more time to run and grow your business.

Stephen Cilley


At Ataraxis, we believe Human Resources is more than just managing employees, policies and systems. Our team of HR experts absolutely take care of all your employment documentation, employee handbook, personnel records, unemployment reports and compliance reports. What is different about Ataraxis is we listen to you and truly care about what you need.

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Employee benefits have become an important part of a company’s total compensation package and can have a tremendous impact on your ability to attract and retain top talent. We offer a comprehensive range of flexible benefits programs to protect the health and welfare of your employees and their way of life. When employees feel secure and taken care of, they perform better and stay at a company longer. This makes your company more successful.

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No matter what size of company you have, payroll processing services can be a complex and time-consuming task with a level of risk involved for oversight or errors. Although there are many payroll companies that handle standard processes such as new hires, benefit deductions, garnishments, and terminations, they do not protect your company from risk.

Ataraxis takes ownership and responsibility for the risk associated with payroll services.

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Providing a safe environment for your employees is always a priority, especially for businesses with inherent health risks. Finding the right workers compensation policy is essential to protecting your employees and company from the costs associated with work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses.  As a business owner, having the right workers’ compensation insurance reduces your risk of a financial loss and helps your employees recover and return to work faster.

At Ataraxis, we proactively work with you to find the right workers’ compensation insurance for your business.

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Hiring the right person is essential to building a strong work “family” and company culture. This is why we believe the traditional recruiting process is too expensive, time consuming and ineffective in building a great company culture and work “family”.

Whether you need to quickly hire temporary employees to manage a spike in business demand or have a long term need to outsource your recruiting department our TalentFill team is here to assist you with a proven recruiting process that is tailored to your needs.  We offer a total solution for recruiting and staffing augmentation, direct hire, temp to hire, or Gig economy that will meet your short- and long-term company goals.

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