Ataraxis Partnership with Brokers


Working Together to Support Clients

As your clients’ trusted advisor, you may find yourself spending more and more time providing front-line HR support. The trade-off is you aren’t being paid for this support, and it takes away valuable time from growing your book of business. Our solution brings that support to your clients while allowing you to focus on things that will help you and your clients be successful.

Ataraxis believes in the value of partnerships with brokers. While owning and running an insurance adjusting company, our founders saw first-hand the need for flexible, competitive benefits plans with the HR expertise to support them. We also know the important role brokers have in serving their clients. Ataraxis is not a broker and we do not sell insurance. Through the years, we have remained committed to being a true partner with brokers and have created successful PEO solutions for brokers and their clients. 

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