Dylan Pedersen

Stephen Cilley

Our Story

In 2008, an insurance adjusting company based in Boise, Idaho was growing rapidly and had plans to expand into multiple states. One of the challenges they faced was juggling the day-to-day HR administration while still trying to find time to focus on growing their business. As they searched for a solution, people offered to sell them software or individual HR services. But what they really wanted was someone who would truly partner with them for a complete HR solution. After more than a year of searching, they decided they couldn’t be the only company facing this challenge, and Ataraxis was created.

The Absence of Stress

Ataraxis means “the absence of mental stress or anxiety.” This is exactly what our founders, Stephen Cilley and Dylan Pedersen, envisioned when they created our company and chose the name Ataraxis. They believed business clients should enjoy the benefit of having experts handle all aspects of HR administration without the management, risk and stress that comes with doing it themselves. It turns out they were right.

In the last 11 years, Ataraxis has become a regional PEO helping businesses across multiple industries with worksite employees in 30 states. As we continue to grow, one thing remains the same – our mission to elevate businesses for the benefit of all.

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