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We are here to be your advocate and help you find the information you need for your business to succeed. From PPP and COVID-19 to questions about how a PEO partnership can benefit our business, here are some resources with information that we hope is useful. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, feel free to email us at


Covid-19 Resources

At Ataraxis PEO, our goal is to help businesses succeed. We believe it is more important than ever before to be a resource for business owners who are trying to lead their company through this challenging year.  Below are some answers to the many of the questions we have been asked by business owners since the pandemic began. 

Where You Need Us

If you are planning to expand your business into another state or already have employees in multiple states, we are here to help you be more successful. We know it can be time consuming to stay on top of employment laws in your home state and overwhelming to keep track of the laws and regulations in multiple states.

At Ataraxis, we make sure your business is fully compliant with all employment laws and regulations. We provide a level of personal care and support that you won’t find with national PEOs.

If you don’t see the state you are looking for, give us a call to find out how quickly we will be where you need us.

Note: Blue indicates the states we operate in.

The Extra Mile

Facing the Pandemic Together 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our clients were facing incredible challenges and uncertainty with how to survive the crisis. We believed that it was critical for our clients to not just survive current economic challenges and keep their business running, but to build a stronger company moving forward. 

We became the PPP experts for our clients and immediately utilized our partnerships with local banks to help them receive their fair share of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans.  We handled all of the paperwork, reports and loan applications for our clients. More than 80% of our clients received the PPP. 

As we move into the PPP loan forgiveness phase, we will continue to handle all of the paperwork and requirements for our clients so they can continue to focus on growing their business. 

Payroll Reports Essential for PPP Loans 

The clock was ticking when PPP loan applications were launched.  Companies that had all of their payroll reports ready to go had an advantage over those who were rushing to come up with the right documentation.  The Ataraxis Payroll Team made sure all our clients had complete and accurate documentation ready to go.  We took the worry, stress and work off of our clients’ shoulders and made the process as seamless and fast as possible so our clients would be at the front of the line for approved PPP dollars.  

Our clients can relax knowing our payroll team will continue to be there for them during the PPP loan forgiveness phase so they can continue to focus on growing their business. 

Ataraxis FAQ

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides human resources administration, payroll services, benefits administration, and worker’s compensation for their clients.  Working with a PEO enables you to efficiently and cost-effectively manage your HR responsibilities so you can focus on growing your business. 

Intense competition for top talent, expanded benefits packages, rising healthcare rates, and rigorous compliance requirements with federal, state and local employment laws have made Human Resources (HR) administration increasingly complicated, time consuming and costly.  According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organization (NAPEO), utilizing PEO provides significant benefits for businesses including a 27.2% annual return on investment, a 10-14% lower employee turnover, and a 7-9% higher growth rate. 

Any business, large or small, can find value in the services and expertise provided by a PEO.  According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, PEOs provide services to 175,000 small and mid-sized businesses with an estimated 3.7 million co-employees.

At Ataraxis, we work with organizations and businesses in a wide range of industries such as technology, construction, manufacturing, cleaning services, retail, food services and healthcare. We partner with professionals and small business owners who are doctors, dentists, realtors, health and wellness providers, consultants, mechanics and janitors. Our goal is to help each client maximize the success of their business. 

Our business clients enjoy the benefit of having experts handle all aspects of their HR responsibilities without the management, oversight and risk that comes with doing it themselves. As your PEO, we become a co-employer who shares the risks and responsibilities for your employees. You maintain the ownership for your employee’s job duties and day-to-day activities while we handle all the personnel-related functions. 

We will not only help your company be more efficient, compliant, and cost effective with HR administration, we will strategically consult with your company leaders to help your business be more successful.

We will onboard your business within 7 days after signing an agreement. You won’t have to complete piles of paperwork or wait months to make the change. We make the process as easy and quick as possible for you. The Ataraxis team will take care of all the work so you can continue running your business without interruption.

Employee benefits are an important part of your total compensation package.  The Ataraxis benefits team searches for the most competitive costs on the market and makes sure you have a comprehensive benefits programs to protect the health and welfare of your employees and their way of life. For small businesses who may have been unable to afford or manage a comprehensive benefits program on their own, we provide a stress-free, cost-effective solution that will help your business be more competitive in the employment market.  We manage the entire process from annual enrollment to the daily questions you or your employees have throughout the year.  

Unemployment laws and regulations for each state are different, and it can be overwhelming for business owners to stay on top of complicated and often evolving federal and local laws.  At Ataraxis, we take ownership for understanding the employment laws and regulations where you have employees.  We take our responsibility of due diligence very seriously and will always make sure your business is fully compliant. 


While business clients are responsible for providing the funds to cover their payroll and payroll taxes, we will submit and report all payroll taxes including 940s, 941s, state, county and local tax calculations and fillings. We also take care of W2’s for your employees. 

Yes!  As your PEO partner, we understand how important it is to find the right person for your company.  Our clients have the opportunity to subscribe to the innovative recruiting services of TalentFill, a division of Ataraxis.  Whether you need to quickly hire temporary employees to manage a spike in business demand or have a long term need to outsource your recruiting department, the TalentFill team is here to assist you!  Our proven process in recruiting, staffing augmentation and direct hire is a quick call away!  

When a candidate is ready to join your company, we provide a personalized and complete employee onboarding experience.  We carefully review the employee handbook, company policies and employment procedures with each new employee. We assist with benefits enrollment and complete all regulatory paperwork so your employees are ready to work and contribute to your company’s success. 

Our time keeping system is integrated with our payroll process so all you need to do is review and approve employee hours can provide that information to you. Your employees record their hours in our Time Clock. Supervisors approve the hours in the time clock. There is no need to keep track of employee information manually. When you need data or reports, we have the information you need.

Unemployment claims can drive premiums, so it is essential to reduce and eliminate fraudulent unemployment claims. We carefully review and manage every detail of the unemployment claim to provide the best outcome for your company and help you lower your unemployment rate. We will advise you on what we believe the is the best approach on each claim, but you make the final decision as the business owner. 

COBRA is part of the employee separation process that we manage for your company.  We generate and send the necessary COBRA letter to your former employees. 

There is a secure Employee Log in area on our website where they have access to their personal information, benefits, timeclock, etc.

Our clients have a secure Employer Log in where they have access to important information. 

We are here for you and your employees. You will never have to deal with automated phone systems, chatbots or self-service portals. Simply call 208-906-2636 to speak with an Ataraxis team member who knows your business and employees.  

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