A New Year’s Resolution for Your Business

It’s the time of year when we find ourselves thinking of things we can do differently in the coming year. Although we often think of personal goals for our New Year’s resolutions, creating a resolution to change the way you do things in your company can be powerful and energizing for you and your employees. More than simply setting an annual sales goal or a customer strategy, make a resolution to do something different that will bring about positive changes for you, your employees and your company.

If you are an owner or executive of a small or medium-sized company, your time is often more consumed with government regulations, tax compliance and complex healthcare requirements than growing the business. If you are focused on managing costs and maintaining a lean management structure, you may not have dedicated employees to handle all the recruiting, benefits and compliance requirements for your business.  You may also rely on subscriptions to different HR software programs to fill the gap.  

While this may be a short-term fix, it is not the way to profitably grow your business. Not only will you continually find your time consumed with HR administration, you will be faced with navigating the risks of litigation and non-compliance infractions that can be disruptive and even devastating to your business. Overall employee satisfaction is also likely to be lower, and in today’s highly competitive job market, employee turnover can be challenging and costly.

Benefits of a PEO

Businesses that use Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) for their HR administration grow faster and are less likely to fail.  This is because PEOs tackle the complicated tasks of payroll, compliance, benefits, and other HR functions so that business owners can focus on driving growth and profitability. When considering a PEO, it is important to decide what type of HR services and business partnership will offer the most benefit to your company and your employees.

A Full Solution

Ataraxis provides a full HR solution that includes recruiting, payroll, benefits and benefits management, 401(k) and regulatory compliance. As a true partner, we not only work with companies to help them be more efficient, compliant, and cost effective with their HR administration, we strategically consult with company leaders to help them be more successful with their business.  

Unlike other PEOs, we believe actually doing the work as the HR department for our clients instead of pushing work back to them gives our clients more time to run and grow their business.  When your employees have a question or an issue, they call us directly and receive the same level of support as if your HR department was “down the hall”. Employees that are happy and taken care of will be able to focus more on their job, which makes them and your company more successful. 

Make a resolution to change how you handle HR administration and help your business grow.

Happy New Year!  

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