Navigating a Better User Experience

We have all been there at some point – lost in an automated phone system, waiting endlessly on hold, “talking” to automated chat bots or digging through online support articles. While technology may make the customer support process more efficient, has it really created a better user experience for you?

You shouldn’t feel like it is next to impossible to get an actual person on the phone who can help. When companies prioritize technology and automation over people, you end up feeling like a number in a que.

Creating a Personalized User Experience

We believe the human connection is essential to making sure you feel valued and receive the first-class experience you deserve. Whether it’s your first time contacting Ataraxis or you’re a long-time customer, we want to make sure that you always receive personalized, one-on-one support.  

“We know your time is valuable. When you reach out to Ataraxis, we want to do more than simply answer a question. Our goal was to create a team with comprehensive knowledge and problem-solving skills combined with a passion for service delivery. Our Navigator team has far exceeded expectations and strives to create a very personalized and worthwhile experience for our clients and co-employees during every interaction,” said Eric Smith, Chief Operating Officer.

The Navigators are here for you each and every time you contact Ataraxis.  They will listen to what you need, answer your questions and resolve any issues. They can also quickly connect you with our Human Resources, Benefits, Payroll, or Worker’s Compensation teams, as needed.

Coming Soon – Let’s Chat!

Everyone has a different way that they prefer to communicate – a phone call, email or online chat. In June, we will have a new live chat on our website where you can quickly connect with our Navigator Team. No matter what communication channel you choose, you will receive the personalized support you deserve from the Ataraxis Navigator Team!

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